How to season a new humidor, humidor with cigars

How to season a new humidor?

Knowing how to season a new humidor is fundamental when storing cigars. A humidor is a box used to keep and preserve the integrity of the tobacco or cigar. In such a way that they are able to age in ideal and indicated conditions.

A humidor has the ideal temperature and humidity to protect the cigar as long as possible. Here are some things you could do to prepare your new humidor.

Calibrate the hygrometer

The first thing to do is to generate a source of humidity. To do this, you must open the humidor and pass a cloth moistened with distilled water inside. It is important that this cloth does not get soaked. Let inside the humidor on the bag completely closed. Repeat this process at least twice every six hours.

Now you should soak, without dripping, the humidifying element of the humidor. Let in the humidor overnight.

After that, you should place a little salt inside a soda lid, and moisten with distilled water. Now take the hygrometer and place it next to the preparation that is in the plastic container. Seal until the next morning.

Remember, the hygrometer will be perfectly calibrated when it reads 75% humidity.

Recharge the humidifier

After 24 hours, recharge the humidifier. To do this, pour distilled water into the humidifier, depending on the type of humidifier. After this time, open the humidor and check the temperature of the hygrometer. The humidity temperature has not yet reached the required percentage.

Recharge the humidifier in case the hygrometer does not reach the necessary temperature. So you will have to perform the procedure again.

Humidifying the humidor

The process of humidifying the humidor requires some care. When doing so, you must avoid exceeding the humidity. This will save you a few days of long waiting to achieve the ideal humidity.

If you exceed the humidity, it could cause deformation in the wood, damaging the humidor.

Do this process using a damp cloth with distilled water. Wipe the internal walls of the humidor with a damp cloth. Place a humidifier with distilled water inside the closed humidor for three days.

The time of duration will depend on the temperature. This will make the water absorb faster or slower. If you want the humidor to be ready for use as soon as possible, heat the water a little to absorb it faster.

Finally, with the right humidity, you can proceed to store your cigars. And now you can enjoy them whenever you want.


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